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Our plastic injection molding process can fluctuate based on your devices’ requirements. After the design phase, the process typically involves the following procedures:

  • Build the mold
  • Test the mold / First off sampling
  • Customer evaluation of first off samples
  • Adjustment(s) to tooling or process
  • Validation of the mold
  • Production

Plastic injection molding requires skilled engineers and manufacturers to produce exceptional results due to plastic’s unique properties and behaviors. Achieving accuracy and precision takes experience and the knowledge to manipulate a variety of plastic resins, each with their own unique characteristics. Our team has decades of experience, and a proven track record of producing second-to-none medical devices.

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ISO 13485

EirMed is ISO 13485 certified and able to meet your quality and regulatory requirements to manufacture medical devices.



ISO 9001

ISO 9001-2008 is an internationally recognized quality management system certification. With this certification, EirMed meets or exceeds all the regulatory requirements for manufacturing.


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