Eir, the Norse Goddess of healing, is commonly associated with the medical skill and physicians. EirMed draws its inspiration of health and healing from the legends of Eir and the vision to “travel” from design to manufacturing from the traditions of the Norse expert navigators.

In this podcast we hear from EirMed experts and guests about topics such as design processes, validation, and new technologies being used to increase quality.

Climb aboard the longship and set sail on a journey to explore EirMed’s voyage to create state-of-the-art medical devices using skill, technology, creativity, and artistry to improve lives and help heal those with ailments.

From Prototype To Design To Production With Robert Williams | Episode 2

How to Determine What Type of Automation is Needed? | Episode 5

Collaborate Through Communication & Design | Episode 3

What is the Investment Needed for Automation? | Episode 6

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