Bringing in Automation: Considerations and the Design Process

Discussions of automation, for many, often call to mind claims of “robots taking jobs” and anxieties over the state of labor as technology continues to develop rapidly. Despite its numerous advantages and the success seen in its implementation in various industries thus far, it is still often approached with trepidation. Still, it remains an attractive…
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Medical Device Design for Injection Molding – a White Paper from EirMed

Adhering to good Design for Manufacturing (DFM) practices during the design process can ensure faster lead times and product quality. To this end, we dive into design considerations, plastic material selection, and common medical injection molding challenges. At EirMed, we work hard to bring your ideas and projects to life. Read more about what you…
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Tool steel selection for your medical injection mold

Selecting a tool steel grade for your mold is the first step to manufacturing your medical device. Although specialized tool steels aren’t required for medical injection molding, certain grades of steel are more appropriate for medical injection molding than others. Working with a contract manufacturer to pinpoint steels will ensure that your tool will match…
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