Injection Molding

Tool steel selection for your medical injection mold

Selecting a tool steel grade for your mold is the first step to manufacturing your medical device. Although specialized tool steels aren’t required for medical injection molding, certain grades of steel are more appropriate for medical injection molding than others. Working with a contract manufacturer to pinpoint steels will ensure that your tool will match…
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Plastic material selection for medical injection molding

Plastic material selection is an involved process filled with complexities such as medical device classifications, mechanical properties and cost. However, you can streamline the selection process by eliminating classes of plastics and individual plastics based on your specifications, which can help you pinpoint an appropriate material. Second opinions and new device designs can also provide…
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Design considerations for medical device injection molding

Designing medical devices for injection molding requires extensive understanding, reasoning and planning. Careful consideration of certain aspects throughout the design process will yield favorable results. There are different aspects to evaluate in order to make certain the actual design meets the desired criteria. Design engineers need to account for part size, impact, material selection, production…
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