As part of EirMed’s wide range of comprehensive services, overmolding is a specialized technique we use to reduce post-molding assembly and is an effective way to yield ergonomic medical devices that not only perform, but are also user friendly. Features available through overmolding include texturing, soft touch, and decorating.

Similar to our two-shot or multi-shot molding capabilities, overmolding simplifies the production of devices that require multiple materials or components. We mold plastic injected material over pre-fabricated substrate, usually made of a metal or a variety of other plastics. Taking into consideration the requirements of each material to ensure the compatibility of the substrate and the overmolded plastic. Through overmolding, we can increase efficiency, decrease the demand of post-production assembly resulting in overall reduced production cost.

Overmolding is a great way to achieve a variety of aesthetics and functionalities in your medical device. Whether its additional colors, grips, flexible components or to enclose one part within another, our team of experts utilize overmolding to produce unique medical devices.

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