Two-Shot molding

In conjunction with our many manufacturing capabilities, we utilize two-shot molding as a part of our custom-engineered solutions to produce medical devices specific to our clients’ needs. EirMed’s expertise in two-shot and multi-shot molding enables us to reduce post-molding device assembly and simplify the production of devices that require multiple colors, materials or components.

At EirMed, our engineering team recommends two-shot and multi-shot molding when manufacturing needs demand multiple plastics to be consolidated into one component in a single process. As a part of our injection molding capabilities, two-shot molding leads to design enhancements for functionality and aesthetics, along with a reduction in the number of parts and time needed for assembly, resulting in lower manufacturing costs. Instead of having to assemble varying components, two-shot molding bonds multiple materials into a single part, eliminating the need for adhesives and fasteners. Production rates and part costs are the dictating factors when opting for two-shot molding over overmolding.

Two-shot and multi-shot molding enables us to consolidate multiple colors, ergonomic features, vibration and noise dampening components, as well as caps and enclosures into a single component. We regularly use two-shot molding to add a soft touch elastomer over a plastic substrate to improve ergonomics for the end user. With two-shot molding, a hand-held device requiring a rigid plastic housing and soft ergonomic grip can be produced in one process.

There are many applications for two-shot and multi-shot molding; however, they are only two of the many manufacturing capabilities that we have to offer.

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