At EirMed, we believe a device should not only perform all the requirements and goals set out from the initial design, but it should look and feel exceptional as well. Having a professional aesthetic, look and feel, in a high quality, functional device give the assurance of optimal performance.

Our finishing services are capable of yielding an array of desired results. Whether it’s degating, deflashing, cleaning or any number of decorating techniques, our team achieves remarkable results.

There are decorative opportunities throughout the manufacturing process. Molded-in decorations are often done with our two-shot, multi shot or overmolding capabilities. Otherwise, many of our finishing services are applied during the last steps of the manufacturing process.

The finishing touches we can apply to your medical device are nearly limitless. They include:

  • Pad printing to add color
  • Hot stamping to apply engraved images
  • Laser marking for logos and images
  • Painting and soft touch painting
  • Spin, hot plate and ultrasonic welding to combine parts
  • Adding threaded inserts
  • Silk screening to add artwork and more

With our finishing techniques, we put the final touches on your medical device to create a differentiation from all others. We work with you to ensure complete functionality with professional aesthetics for your completed medical devices.

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