Tool Prototyping

EirMed develops a tool prototype as soon as our team of engineers, manufacturers and the client agree on the tool’s design. Tool prototyping is the next step of the design and engineering process before full-scale manufacturing begins.

By prototyping and testing the tool, we get an accurate depiction of the tool’s capabilities along with what the finished part would look like. This step in the process allows us to run mold flow analysis to determine best materials for the part, identify problem areas that weren’t apparent in the design and adjust aspects of the design or tool to eliminate potential risks.

Creating the tool prototype and the subsequent tests gives the engineers, manufacturing team and the client the best insight of how each component for the medical device will turn out. Most importantly, the prototyping phase enables everyone to provide additional input and make changes necessary to each parts integrity and functionality.

Our tool prototyping services are part of the overarching formula for creating medical devices. Every design is different and the tools, materials and processes for developing the design and implementing it into a tangible tool are unique. In the tool prototyping phase, we are learning together; continuously analyzing and sharing information to make decisions that yield the best results. Our on-site journeyman toolmakers and engineering professionals have the expertise to overcome and deliver on challenging, never-before-seen designs.

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