Tool Design

EirMed designs and creates tools for molding medical devices and their components. Our engineers analyze the device’s part designs to determine the tool’s ideal locations for the sprue, gates and runners along with tolerances and plastic selection.

A key component of our tool design expertise is our engineer’s focus on the clients’ needs. Every tool is different and each requires a complete examination of the client’s devices and tooling requirements to create a successful design. Our engineering team gathers valuable input from our tooling specialists and manufacturing team. Their collaborative input influences the designs from different points of the manufacturing process. We adapt to handle unique situations, enabling us to find the exact solution needed for your medical device and mitigating the risk for lengthy and costly redesigns.

Once the tool is designed, we get a cross-section of the engineering and manufacturing staff to walk clients through the requirements needed to create the parts and address potential opportunities for improvement. After tooling approval is received from the client the engineering team monitors the development of the tool.

With an accurate design, mold flow analysis and input from engineering, manufacturing and the client, we can fabricate a tool that maintains the quality of the plastic injection molded components through production.

Furthermore, EirMed offers solutions for low- and high-volume production. Our engineers design tools that outperform tolerances defined in the project specifications. Whether the designs are simple or complex, our use of state-of-the-art integrated tooling software enables us to design high-quality tools with ultimate precision.

By designing each tool with extreme accuracy and precision from the early stages there are minimal design changes after the initial prototype is created. The reduction of changes results in faster lead times and a reduced cost of manufacturing.

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