Device packaging

In conjunction with EirMed’s finishing and assembly services, we offer customized device packaging. Each packaging solution is selected to ensure safe and cost effective delivery of your medical devices.

EirMed has developed partnerships with sterilization companies to ensure all sterilization requirements are met. Offering a variety of methods from EtO and Gamma to E-Beam and X-Ray, our partners are capable of sterilizing small and large device shipments for delivery around the world.

We are currently working with a customer that uses a light-sensitive, bioresorbable polymer in their device. The product is molded, assembled and packaged, in customized packaging, under controlled conditions to prevent hazardous light from reaching the surface of the device and degrading the finished product.

EirMed ensures the integrity of medical devices we create throughout the entire process from design and manufacturing to device packaging and delivery. With the ability to customize packaging to your device requirements, you’ll receive the device exactly the way your specifications demand.

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